3W-International and Sky Power are continuing to expand their Wankel-engine portfolio

The 2-disc hybrid Wankel engine SP-480 SRE hybrid is being introduced for the first time to the professional public at Xponential 2018. 3W-International and Sky Power thus continue the tradition of presenting a new Wankel engine at the leading international trade fair. The SP-480 SRE involves a prototype.


Following the very positive resonance to the 3W-180 SRE, which 3W-International introduced in 2017, the company decided to further expand this engine portfolio. “The customer resonance surprised us at that time. We’ve launched a large number of projects since then with our customers. These projects often revolve purely around the generation of electricity. That’s why we’re now introducing the SP-480 SRE, which can also be used as a hybrid drive”, explains Karsten Schudt, managing director of 3W-International GmbH.


The engine was developed at performance partner Sky Power GmbH, which was also active in other forms in the background during the 3W-180 SRE hybrid’s development. The SP-180 SRE hybrid is a 480 ccm, 2-disc Wankel engine. At 6000 rpm, the engine achieves 70 hp with a basic weight of 14 kg. As with the single-disc engine, the housing and the trochoid are water cooled. An active oil circuit cools the piston. “Both cooling systems are very effective. They don’t need a pump, so they’re virtually maintenance free”, continues Schudt. The engine can be driven with both gasoline and with Heavy Fuel.


The engine is being introduced as a prototype at Xponential 2018 in Denver. “As in 2017, we want to test the market with the presentation of the new engine. We know about the performance level and also the customers for which it makes sense. Now it’s about supporting these assumptions through customer reactions. The customers have confidence in our 1-disc Wankel engine. The reactions show that. That’s why we’re assuming similar reactions for the SP-480 SRE hybrid”, according to Schudt.


3W-International and Sky Power are exhibiting together at booth 2210.

SP-480 SRE