SP-360 Serie

The SP-360 DRE is based on the established concept like the SP-180 SRE and has a displacement of 360 cc. By doubling the displacement, the power of the engines is increased. The SP-360 DRE is a twin-disc Wankel engine with up to 51 hp at 6000 rpm.

As with the SP-180 SRE, the SP-360 DRE is equipped with two independent cooling systems. A water cooling circuit takes over the cooling of the engine housing, a second oil cooling circuit takes over the internal cooling of the piston. This is a basic requirement for a propulsion system in aeronautical applications, where continuous performance is a fundamental requirement. Thermal stability is essential, which can be guaranteed by the cooling concept.

The SP-360 DRE can be used with a combination of electric and mechanical propulsion. In the case of pure power generation, an on-board battery is required, as the Wankel engine generates electricity by means of the generator system. This electrical power can also be used as the primary drive. However, a hybrid boost mode can also be used, in which the mechanical and electrical drive can be combined for maximum power. Thanks to this integrated hybrid technology, a redundancy function is available that enables a controlled emergency landing in the event of a critical scenario.

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