Mejzlik Propeller 28×12

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Mejzlik Propeller 28×12

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Sky Power is cooperating with Mejzlik Propeller. All propellers are manufactured from carbon fiber and can be adapted in a variety of features, forms and designs of the customer application and the outputs to be achieved. Besides the size and the pitch, the number of blades, the weight, the carbon fiber material as well as the surface can also be adapted. Various propeller tests are carried out before delivery. Besides a balance tests, an inner structure tests, an optional RPM tests and a visual quality inspection are performed.

Sky Power and Mejzlik Propeller are working closely together on customer projects. Because of that customer can expect a complete solution from a single source. Since every engine is coordinated to the customer specifications, so-called propeller curves are required. The velocity, the flight altitude, the rotational speed as well as the environmental conditions influence the performance of a propeller and consequently also that of the entire propulsion unit. These data and the experience of Mejzlik Propeller are important for us, in order to provide our customers with a perfectly coordinated drive unit – from the propeller to the exhaust.




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