SP-55 FI TS hybrid



    Type 1-Cylinder Gas Engine
    Capacity 55 ccm / 3.35 cu in
    Power 2 KW pure electrical
    Bore diameter 1.77 inch (45.00 mm)
    Stroke 1.37 inch (35.00 mm)
    Crankshaft 4 ball bearings
    Oil/Gasoline ratio 1:50 / 2% mix

    The single cylinder engine of the SP-55 series is designed with twin spark plugs and is equipped with fuel injection system. With our ECU and the starter generator / controller SGC352 as well as the integrated cooling this set up is load controlled and can supply electrical power up see below:

    Controllable via CAN (optional generator start input)
    Battery voltage 36 – 75V (nominal 48V)
    Max. power 2 kW @ 48VDC (40A@MSL)
    Fuel consumption max 1.5 l/h
    Generator current sensor
    External load current sensor (via CAN)
    Temperature monitoring
    Overload derating
    Programmable battery charging current
    Standalone operation
    Automatic throttle regulation due to external load current sensor
    Advanced combustion engine start

    Additional information

    Weight 511624941 kg