Twin Spark Ignition 45 cm

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Twin Spark Ignition 45 cm

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This ignition can be used for all carburated engines of our Portfolio



For optimum operation of combustion engines an ignition system with auto timing is necessary. For easy starting a spark is ideal in the top dead center (TDC) of the engine. With increasing RPM a pre-ignition timing is needed. This is achieved with our system using a high precision RPM-check by two magnets built-in the hub of the engine. The hall sensor transmits the signal to the microprocessor programmed with our engine characteristic.

Danger: High Voltage.

Technical specifications


Temperature range:    – 40° C / +65°C, ambient temperature

Voltage range:               6 V – 8.4 V, nominal voltage


Operating voltage 6 – 8.4V
Power consumption (Standby) 10mA
approx. 100mA* / 8.4V / 1000 RPM
approx. 600mA* / 8.4V / 6000 RPM
Ignition voltage >20 KV
RPM max 10000 RPM

*Current consumption depends on the voltage of battery used with increasing voltage, current consumption goes down.

Like all other electronic devices the ignition box gets warm under operation conditions. For that reason a simple air flow will be necessary.

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