Project Development

Sky Power Project Development

Our customers are in different project stages of developing their products, when they are interested in an engine or a complete propulsion unit from Sky Power. In some cases our customers already know exactly what kind of propulsion performance is required for their UAS. In other cases, both sides have to work together to specify the next steps of development.

In order to be able to respond flexibly to these project conditions, Sky Power offers various project services to determine, together with the customer, the right engines and propulsion units.


If the project objective of our customers is not yet clearly outlined, we offer our consulting service. This may include the development as well as the system integration. The aim of the project consulting is to support the customer with technical knowledge and experience in the definition of his project objectives. How intensive and detailed this consulting is, depends decisively on the project and the level of knowledge of the customer.


Customers who are already in an ongoing project phase are often searching for a drive partner, who not only supports them with hardware, but also applies his knowledge and experience. In order to understand what added value Sky Power offers 1- or 2-day workshops. In these workshops the customers project and objectives are examined in more detail to define a possible cooperation framework. The goal of the workshop is the preparation of a tight project cooperation, in which the intentions and tasks of both partners are clearly defined. This may also include, that ultimately other propulsion solutions are determined, then were envisaged at the start of the cooperation.


Sky Power undertakes the entire project management for the development of a custom-fit propulsion solution. However, all technical parameters, schedules and budgets must be clarified and fixed in advance. Subsequently, the Sky Power team collaborates as closely as possible with the customer and is involved in all design and development steps of the UAS. The earlier this cooperation starts, the more system-related the propulsion solution can be specified and implemented.