Sky Power develops portable test stand for Wankel engine SP-180 SRE hybrid

Sky Power’s SRE180 test stand provides a test solution for the SP-180, which can be delivered worldwide. Due to the compact design the whole test stand is well suited for portable use. It is available for purchase as well as for rent.

Apart from the electrical system which might be different in custom applications the SRE180 test stand contains all the main parts of the SP-180 engine system. To run the test stand a 48VDC power supply is needed. In addition to the engine and its attachments, the test stand includes a fuel tank, a propeller including protection cage, the exhaust system, a starter generator, the engine control unit (ECU) and the associated software. All parts are mounted and covered on a chassis equipped with wheels.

The actual engine is an SP-180 SRE hybrid. This is a hybrid electrical engine with a compact design and an outstanding power-to-weight ratio. “Therefore, the engine allows a higher payload capability. With the hybrid-boost power, additional 15KW, depending on on-board battery capacity, are optionally available. This additional power improves take-off performance significantly. The cooling of the engine is guaranteed by water and oil cooling system, allowing reliable operation in certain challenging environmental conditions. With this configuration, the engine enables new drive and application possibilities, which our customers would like to test on their own premises,” says Karsten Schudt, Managing Director of Sky Power GmbH. Therefore, the test stand was designed in such a way that it can be easily shipped and quickly assembled on site in just a few steps.

The test stand can demonstrate the same modes as the SP-180 SRE hybrid too. Beside the combustion mode, the test stand can demonstrate a electrical mode. Therefore, the test stand is also equipped with an integrated generator to charge additional battery packs. Due to that the test stand can run in a hybrid-boost power mode too, combining the combustion engine and the generated electric energy.

A test stand for demonstrating only electrical power generation will come soon. The test stand can be purchased as well as rented for on-site evaluation.