SP-55 FI TS Hybrid for a “generator only” application

The SP-55 single-cylinder engine is one of our longest standing engines and comes in different versions. The new version, the SP-55 FI TS hybrid is designed to generate electricity for unmanned aircraft systems. The engine has twin spark plugs and is equipped with a fuel injection system. With this new engine, we want to address users of solely electric propulsion technologies who are looking for an efficient generator solution not only for unmanned flight systems but also for other applications.

  • Controllable via CAN (optional generator start input)
  • Battery voltage 36-75V (nominal 48V)
  • Max. power 2KW @ 48VDC (40A@MSL)
  • Generator current sensor
  • External load current sensor (via CAN)
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Overload derating
  • Programmable battery charging current
  • Standalone operation
  • Automatic throttle regulation due to external load current sensor
  • Advanced combustion engine start