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Published: 2024-04-18

Successful FAR33 Endurance Tests with SP-110 FI TS GEN and SP-210 FI TS GEN

Propulsion systems in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) must be highly reliable, as the motors are mission-critical components. A proof of reliability is therefore important and is required by every engine […]

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Published: 2024-02-05

Sky Power International continues to expand its product portfolio for service applications

The German engine manufacturer is planning to expand its product range for service and maintenance in 2024. The first step is a tool case that is equipped with all the necessary tools and is offered in two versions.

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Published: 2023-10-09

MADDOS VTOL 600h equipped with SP-210 TS ROS as hybrid solution from Sky Power International

The product portfolio of Polish UAS manufacturer MADDOS includes two VTOL solutions. In addition to the MADDOS VTOL 350e, which flies purely electrically, the VTOL 600h is also offered, which […]

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