Service and maintenance

Sky Power International takes care of the maintenance and servicing of your propulsion units. Maintenance is performed either according to our plan or according to the customer’s needs, which ensure that the engine works properly and provides optimal performance.
Scheduled maintenance includes the standard actions specified in the owner’s manual. In addition, more extensive inspections and repairs, if necessary, are performed during maintenance. Repairs will only be carried out after prior consultation with the customer.
The final proof of function is provided by a test on the in-house engine test bench.
Maintenance as required and ordered by the customer is agreed individually. This can go as far as a repeated performance test.

Maintenance according to the plan has the following main focuses

  • Visual inspection from the outside for leaks and notable changes to the engine components
  • Inspection of the screw connections
  • Check of the fuel supply
  • Inspection and cleaning/replacement of the air filter
  • Inspection of the electrical cables and lines
  • Inspection of the ignition
  • Checking the spark plugs
  • Checking the muffler system

Further tests depending on the state of the engine

  • Checking the compression and, if necessary, disassembly of engine components
  • Inspection of cylinders, pistons and piston rings

Completion of engine service and maintenance

  • Carrying out a routine test on the engine test bench
We would like to point out that the exact maintenance and inspection measures may vary depending on the engine.
If an engine is no longer functional, we will gladly take over the detailed analysis, as well as a possible repair of the engine, if this is possible. For this purpose, the complete engine is examined and disassembled if necessary.