Sky Power International to Exhibit Together with UAS Global Services at Xponential 2023

Sky Power International and UAS manufacturer UAS Global Services are exhibiting together at Xponential 2023 in Denver, Colorado. The Texas-based company is using engines from the German two-stroke and Wankelengine specialist. “We are pleased to welcome one of our U.S. customers and its flight systems to our booth as a reference,” said Karsten Schudt, managing director of Sky Power GmbH. All of Sky Power’s propulsion units are manufactured in Germany. The company develops, tests and manufactures all units at its German headquarters near Frankfurt.

UAS Global Service will present the two helicopters Anzen EG-1250 and Sicura EG-1100. The Anzen EG-1250 is a flight system of the heavy lift cargo and multidrop platforms group 3, with a maximum take-off weight of 250 lbs. Thanks to its long flight duration and high flexibility, a wide range of tasks can be performed. The name abbreviation “EG” in Anzen EG-1250 stands for an electric and kerosene twin engine configuration. The main engine is Sky Power’s powerful and fuel-efficient SP-180 SRE Wankel engine, integrated into a helicopter for the first time.

After more than 5 years of development, the Anzen EG-1250’s highly versatile design allows for a variety of engine, payload and operational options. “Looking back, we found Sky Power to be the important partner in equipping this concept with the right propulsion unit. From the initial inquiry, through consultation, project planning and initial engine delivery, as well as during the integration of the propulsion system, we were very well supported by Sky Power International,” said Curtis Youngblood, managing director of UAS Global Service. The flexibility of the Anzen EG-1250 allows it to support a variety of industries, including marine, agriculture, oil and gas, utilities, cargo transport and ISR.

The second flight system presented is the Sicura EG-1100, which is a single-rotor helicopter based on decades of experience in UAV helicopter development. The Sicura EG-1100 is the third generation of an internally developed platform that has become the workhorse of the UAS Global Services fleet and is now available to other customers. The helicopter is available with both electric and kerosene engines. The company relies on Sky Power’s powerful and efficient SP-110 TS ROS twin-cylinder engine. The result is a helicopter that flies exceptionally stable in challenging environmental conditions, which is an important necessary characteristic, especially for image acquisition and LiDAR operations. “Thanks to the large, vibration-isolated payload carriers, the customer can carry a variety of payloads in one flight,” Youngblood continues.

Sky Power International and UAS Global Services will be showcasing at Xponential 2023, booth 3213, May 8-11 in Denver.