SP-210 FI TS ROS with more power

Sky Power International offers one of their bestselling two-stroke engines, the SP-210 FI TS ROS, with more power. “From now on we offer the SP-210 FI TS ROS in run-in condition, with 14kW. But customers, who are using this engine already, can have the possibility to upgrade their engines too”, explains Karsten Schudt, CEO of Sky Power GmbH. All SP-210 FI TS ROS, which were produced until the beginning of May 2023, were equipped with 11kW. If a power upgrade of these propulsion units is necessary, Sky Power can offer this service. After a run-in and with some additional system upgrades, even older SP-210 FI TS ROS engines will perform 14kW. That is a power increase of 27%. System upgrades to the previous engine include technical adjustments and a different engine mapping. The engine weight remains the same.