MADDOS VTOL 600h equipped with SP-210 TS ROS as hybrid solution from Sky Power International

The product portfolio of Polish UAS manufacturer MADDOS includes two VTOL solutions. In addition to the MADDOS VTOL 350e, which flies purely electrically, the VTOL 600h is also offered, which has been equipped with a hybrid propulsion concept. In addition to the four rotors for vertical take-off and landing, the VTOL 600h also has a tail drive for horizontal flight. Here, the Polish company relies on two-stroke technology from Germany. The SP-210 TS ROS carburetor engine from Sky Power International was selected, with an integrated starter and a generator for power production. The SP-210 TS ROS is a 2-cylinder engine that develops 17.1 hp (12.6 KW at 6000 rpm) from a displacement of 210 cc. Due to the hybrid propulsion concept, the maximum flight time of the VTOL 600h is up to 10 hours. The flight system has a wingspan of 6m. Up to 25 kg can be carried, resulting in a take-off weight of 110 kg. The cruising speed is 115 km/h, and the maximum speed is 138 km/h.

The hybrid MADDOS UAV platforms are designed in a VTOL configuration. Various automatic or manual missions can be performed with the UAVs. Thanks to the design, the UAVs can take off and land almost anywhere, even in strong winds. The high payload and fuselage capacity allows the UAVs to carry state-of-the-art sensor technology on board. MADDOS UAVs can be used in both military and civil applications for surveillance, border control, search and rescue, or public safety.

MADDOS belongs to the AP FLYER company, which operates in various technical fields. The fact that AP FLYER has very sensitive measurement equipment in its offer led the company to implement and develop its activity in the field of detection, tracking, observation and neutralization systems for unmanned aerial vehicles (C-UAS system). Thus, the brand MADDOS was developed, under which they subsystems and components of various manufacturers of radar systems, RF systems, EOIR cameras as well as neutralization and elimination systems. Since 2020 the developed unmanned aerial systems also belong to the MADDOS brand.

MADDOS VTOL 600h with SP-210 TS ROS as hybrid solution