Sky Power International continues to expand its product portfolio for service applications

The German engine manufacturer is planning to expand its product range for service and maintenance in 2024. The first step is a tool case that is equipped with all the necessary tools and is offered in two versions. Different tool combinations are available for carburetor engines and for engines with fuel injection systems, which can be transported in a solid plastic hard-shell case.

“This provides our customers with all the tools they need for maintenance, inspection and servicing of their engines. Due to the solid casing design, the tools can be taken to any location. The case offers enough space for additional tools or consumables,” says Karsten Schudt, Managing Director of Sky Power International, introducing the product.

Further service products will follow in the coming months. “It is important to us that we offer Sky Power International customers additional products for our engines that enable them to use the engines efficiently and reliably. We are therefore in constant communication with our customers in order to meet their needs with the best products and services,” continues Schudt.