Sky Power Services

Engine break-in tests

Sky Power handles break-in tests for engines. The customers engines are broken in on the in-house engine test stands according to specifications determined by the costumer. After the tests the “ready-to-fly” engine can be used immediately in the customers UAS. This saves preparation time and deployment can begin immediately. Instant sales can be generated with an engine broken in by Sky Power, especially in industrial and commercial applications.

Customer and endurance tests (engine tests)

Sky Power conducts engine tests according to specifications determined by our customers. Individual usage parameters can be simulated in the process. Each engine test is documented. Of course, we make these results available. Thanks to highly exact measuring instruments, fuel consumption, engine parameters, and exhaust-gas temperatures can be measured. The engine tests can also include endurance tests, during which your engines are subjected to between 50 and 200 hours of uninterrupted charging on the in-house engine test stands. Climate tests are also possible. After each test, the engines are disassembled and examined.

We can conduct the following tests:

  • General performance measurement of combustion engines
  • Thrust and power measurement
  • Exhaust analysis
  • Engine indexing
  • Endurance testing
  • Blower-, water-, and oil-pump analysis
  • Cylinder-head measurement
  • Load-change calculation
  • EMC measurements
  • Climate and temperature tests

Overhaul and maintenance

The time between overhauling (TBO) of Sky Power engines can vary depending upon operating environment and maintenance intensity. After achieving maximum TBO, Sky Power can then overhaul the engine. The engine has to be sent to Germany for this.

The same applies for maintaining the engines. For each engine, there’s an operating manual, which describes the individual maintenance steps and their intervals in detail. This operating manual is sent along with the engines. Moreover, we recommend that our customers order the associated spare-parts package for each engine to carry out simple maintenance tasks at any time.

For larger maintenance tasks, the service can also be rendered at Sky Power in Germany. Please contact our Service department for this.


Only the Sky Power’s service department can generally repair an engine after a crash. Before sending the engine for repair, we ask customers to contact the department to clarify in advance whether or not a repair is even possible. Detailed engine tests are of course carried out as part of the repair work, to document the engine’s operational readiness.

Customer-specific service on request

The Sky Power Service department will gladly develop an individual service concept based on our costumers needs.