SP-28 Series

Two Stroke Engine SP-28 CR

The 2-stroke single cylinder SP-28 CR with 28 ccm is the longest standing engine in our lineup and well known by industry veterans for its robustness and longevity for many years. The Sky Power SP-28 CR is still our most requested system and particularly suited for fixed wing aircraft on the upper end of the “below 55 lb” or “up to 25 kg” class UASs. The 3W-International SP-28 CR engine is equipped in the standard configuration with one spark plug and a single ignition unit. The carburetor is rear (CR) mounted.

The cylinder and crankcase are casted aluminum and have been manufactured in it’s current form for over a decade. One customer is running this propulsion system for 10+ years and accumulated more than 1,000,000 flight hours, it is a reliable work horse in all operational scenarios.

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