SP-180 SRE hybrid

SP-180 SRE hybrid



Type wankel rotary UAS engine
Capacity 180cc
Power 20KW/27.5HP @ 6000rpm
Torque 32Nm @ 6000rpm / 36Nm @ 7500rpm
Weight 6.80 kg/14.99 lbs
Weight with Generator 9.50 kg/20.94 lbs
Fuel gasoline/avgas
Fuel consumption 340g/kW @ max. load
Power 20KW/27.5HP @ 6000rpm
Injection standard mainfold injection
HPI (high pressure) injection optional
High Power Version 28KW/38.5HP @7500rpm
Hybrid-Boostpower add. 15KW
Power-to-Weight-Ratio 5.66HP/kg / 2.57HP/lbs
Cooling water cooled housing & oil rotor cooling
(activ cooling)
Starter startergenerator

The new Wankel Rotary UAS Engine of Sky Power is a hybrid cycle engine with a compact design. The 4-stroke rotary engine is very light and offers an outstanding power-to-weight ratio.

Therefore the engine allows a higher payload in field operations. With the hybrid-boost power, additional 15KW depend on store capacity. This additional power volume is simplifying lift off or acceleration. The SP-180 SRE hybrid can run with gas or Heavy Fuel (HF). Thus, Sky Power offers a standard manifold or a high pressure injection (HPI).

The cooling of the engine is guaranteed by water cooling of the housing and oil cooling of the rotor (active cooling).

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